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U.S Army

How good are the benefits of the U.S Army?

While considering a job in the army, you need to know that the benefits while serving the military offers is something you will not find in any other job. Some of the benefits apart from the obvious paycheck and bonuses include education benefits, speciality training, travel, healthcare and skills that are highly sought after.

Here are some of the benefits that you get while serving in the U.S. Army.


Many people often think that serving in the military will only offer lesser pay when compared to the salary that jobs in the civilian sector offer. This is highly untrue as the packages and pay are on par with the private sector. While working full-time, you can earn more as you grow in rank. Here are some of the bonuses.

Enlistment Bonus: After enlisting, you will be awarded your first cash bonus although the amount varies from branch to branch.

Special Pay: Special pay is given depending on the quality of your job and service.

College tuition

If you think serving the military right after high school a bad idea, think again as the military may help you pay for college or college loans. Through the Tuition Assistance Program, almost all those who enlist will be eligible for 100% college tuition.

The Air Force has a community college called the Community College of the Air Force, the nation’s largest community college.

Enrolment to this institution will be a given once you enlist yourself in the Air Force.

Health and housing benefits

While on duty, the military will provide room and board which also includes food as part of your servicemembers’ pay. You are also eligible for free dining if dining facilities are unavailable.

health benefits

While recruits start by living in a base, housing in the military is differentiated by rank. Initially, you’ll be living in group quarters while growing in position will help you expand your housing option.

If you have a family, as a servicemember, you’ll be living in communities that offer many facilities such as shopping, gyms, libraries, theatres and restaurants.

When it comes to health benefits, you and your family will be given hospital as well as dental services. Life insurance for you will cover from $50,000 to $400,000.


As there are many installations all around the world, the military will cover your relocation expenses that extend to your family as well. There are many resorts that are reserved for military personnel only, such as Shades of Green and Hale Koa Hotel.

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